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  • How Siam Avoided Colonisation

    How Siam Avoided Colonisation

    The history of Thailand is a history known for its survival of colonisation. Thailand was one of the few countries not under the rule of an imperial European power. That makes this country indubitably inquisitive to explore. This article will mainly focus on her avoidance of colonisation. What measures did the Siamese take to keep…

  • The Triumph and Decline of the Majapahit

    The Triumph and Decline of the Majapahit

    Indonesia consisted of diverse dynasties and is home to different cultures. But if there is one kingdom that comes to mind that influenced the culture of Indonesia more than anything, it is the Majapahit. The majapahit is one of the most notable empires in Indonesian history. Today, the Majapahit is still seen as one of…